Founded in 1952 by André Longeval and his wife Mrs Paula Van Mello, the Van Mello company started with several acres of land where they were growing their own plants. During this time, the herb shop starts its existence.

The company was providing different dried plants at the time: althea, lovage, angelica, valerian, burdock etc...

Throughout his career, André Longeval invested in his company at different levels from crop production to storage technologies. This made Van Mello a company with international recognition for its exceptional quality.

In 1981, Jean Hose, agricultural engineer, joined the company. Mr Hose modernized and improved the farming techniques from planting to harvest.

In 2001, the founder André Longeval passed away. Ets Van Mello thereafter was essentially devoted to angelica increasing its acreage from 20ha to the current 50ha

Today angelica makes up 95% of our turnover. We offer it in various forms:

Ets Van Mello processes angelica from planting to distillation. This allows having controlled and exemplary quality production. The plant requires many hours of work to reach the excellent level of quality. According to the demand for angelica, we can vary our agricultural surfaces. Thanks to this method of work we have no shortage of supply for our current and future customers.

In future we plan to diversify the produced plants to offer new products.

Angelica is part of the Apiaceae family. It is a medicinal, aromatic and condimental plant. This biennial hardy plant can grow up to 2m in height. We use its roots, seeds, stems and leaves. Angelica or angels’ grass has innumerable qualities, properties and multiple applications. Angelica can delight our sense of smell, tickle our taste buds as well as treat human body. Thus, we find its many uses, different from one another.